Terms & Condition


1.1 The user has accepted all the terms and conditions to complete the registration process on this site and can start using the system and services by completing their registration and accepting the privacy policy, terms and conditions.


1.2 The crypton24.eu site management reserves the right to make any changes on the site and the unauthorized use of the media, texts and designs on this site may result in legal obligations.


1.3 By completing the user registration and using the services on the site, it acknowledges that it grants the crypton24.eu administration the rights and management of all services used.


1.4 The crypton24.eu administration has the authority and the right to change all terms and conditions over time.


Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the User

2.1 When registering on the crypton24.eu, the User is obliged to provide only the correct, up-to-date information necessary for the correct registration procedure and has the right to register only one unique account on the Website. The user carries out investment activities only voluntarily, without coercion and on his own initiative. The user is fully responsible for all possible consequences of these actions.


2.2 The User has the right to invite new participants to the project, using their unique referral link, attracting them to cooperate with the Crypton24.eu, providing them with the Company's advertising materials, and using other, but always and only legal, methods.


2.3. The User agrees that he is obliged to provide only publicly reliable information about the Crypton24.eu, and has no right to make any public statements or actions that discredit the business reputation of the Company and the User agrees that any such actions committed by him in the media, blogs, social networks and other media are not allowed under any circumstances.


2.4. The User undertakes to use the contact information exclusively for its intended purpose and in order to improve mutual cooperation. The User agrees and acknowledges that under no circumstances will he use contacts and Companies to distribute personal, other advertisements aimed at sending spam and information about other projects and companies, as well as attempts to correspond with the Crypton24.eu  to resolve issues not related to these Rules or the Users investment activities.


2.5 The User undertakes to report incidents  or attempts of unauthorized access to his account by third parties to the support service of the Company. The User undertakes to ensure that his personal data and authorization data are kept completely secure and used for data protection.


2.6 The User accepts and declares that the Company has the right to unilaterally impose all sanctions and penalties in case of violation of one or more points of these Rules.


Rights, obligations and responsibilities of Crypton24.eu

3.1 The management of Crypton24.eu site always has the right to make any changes, renew and use the site and its content without any notification. The Crypton24.eu reserves the right to unilaterally and at its sole discretion make changes to all Rules.


3.2 Crypton24.eu is not responsible for the safety of the data provided if the User intentionally or not intentionally fails to provide the required level of protection of their personal data, account, when the client voluntarily transmits any information that is closed and confidential to third parties.


3.3 Crypton24.eu reserves the right to block and delete the User's account and block the User's funds, either intentionally or unintentionally violating these rules:

To make negative and wrong public broadcasts about the company through social media and other broadcast sources.

Attempting to corrupt the crypton24.eu website, system and operation with any harmful software (virus, trojan, etc.).

Violation of web and online legal rules stipulated by the country where the user is located.

Not obeying the crypton24.eu rules, using the site programs illegally, engaging in illegal activities and ethnic or religious intolerance towards other Users.


3.4 The User acknowledges and accepts that he will not make a request to the crypton24.eu in the event that the receivable payments are not made on time due to technical problems or other reasons on electronic payment systems sites. Allows you to change the crypton24.eu payment type from daily to weekly, monthly or yearly. The crypton24.eu and its management have the authority and right to make changes in investments and plans, to cancel them and to shut down the system completely if necessary, crypton24.eu and admin not responsible for any financial losses that may arise from these situations.